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CLI Tools Image

The environment includes the CLI Tools Docker image

The IBM Garage command-line tools is a Docker image with many useful IBM Cloud CLI tools already installed. Rather than installing all of these tools on your local computer, you can simply pull and run this image.

Running the client

Start the client to use it.

  • To run the icclient container:

    docker run -itd --name icclient ibmgaragecloud/cli-tools

    This assumes the image’s default name, ibm-garage-cli-tools.

Once the client is running in the backgroud, use it by opening a shell in it.

  • To use the icclient container, exec shell into it:

    docker exec -it icclient /bin/bash

    Your terminal is now in the container.

Use this shell to run commands using the installed tools and scripts.

When you’re finished running commands, to exit the client.

  • To leave the icclient container shell, as with any shell:


    The container will keep running after you exit its shell.

If the client stops:

  • To run the icclient container again:

    docker start icclient

The icclient container is just a Docker container, so all Docker CLI commands work.

Using the client

From a client shell, run image-help to get a list of available tools, scripts, and ENV properties:

$ image-help
Available env properties (can be overridden for individual commands):
> BM_API_KEY - the IBM Cloud api key
> REGION - the IBM Cloud region (e.g. us-south)
> RESOURCE_GROUP - the IBM Cloud resource group
> CLUSTER_NAME - the name of the kubernetes cluster in IBM Cloud
> SL_USERNAME - the Classic Infrastructure user name or API user name (e.g.
> SL_API_KEY - the Classic Infrastructure api key